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Troubleshooting in paper and board:

Martin Riddell: Manchester Conference Centre: Jan 28-29th, 2015 

The training course schedule for Q1 2015 is now available in calendar format



National Skills Academy accredited course!     

Orientation Course in Papermaking: 18-19th May, 2015

Presenter: Dr Steve Mann 

2015 Program Includes..

Energy optimisation course:

18-19th Feb, 2015: Harry Cripps (HRC Consultants) and Andy Wheeler: DeVere Whites Hotel, Bolton 

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Introduction to Papermaking - for non technical personnel: Q1 2015 The Paper Trail: NSA accredited

Environmental Issues in Papermaking course:

Feb 24-25th, 2015: ICC, Bimingham: Presented by Dr. Martin Kay/Andy Wheeler

Troubleshooting in Tissue: 

Martin Riddell and Paul Burden: Manchester Conference Centre: Jan 28-29th, 2015

Paper Chemistry: Dr Steve Mann, Graham Toft (Paper Technics): 21-22nd Jan, 2015

Energy Optimisation: 2 days: 18-19th Feb: Manchester Conference Centre

Presented by Harry Cripps and Andy Wheeler

Paper Technics provides a comprehensive selection of top quality courses and events such as seminars and workshops, to the paper industry and all the industries associated with it. We also run an online bookshop, which has a selection of competitively priced books for paper industry personnel. Click on the Online Bookshop tab on the left to find out more. We also provide links to quality consultancy services which we are particularly proud to be associated with.

Paper Technics was formed in response to a pressing need in recent years for training courses within the sphere of papermaking. To meet this growing demand, a wide range of courses were designed, in order to provide an efficient way of meeting the demand at the introductory and intermediate level.

The overarching principle has been to make available trainers who are really knowledgeable and enthusiastic about their particular subjects and to make the range of courses wide enough to cover the most pertinent aspects of papermaking.

We are a UK based company, whose primary activity is to provide information about the subject of papermaking, for the benefit of paper companies and their associated suppliers. It's our belief that the provision of such high quality information is very beneficial

There's a great deal of information about the main activity, namely training services and it's worthwhile using the contact form, so that we can keep you informed about our activities on a regular basis, to give us feedback and to enable us to improve our services to you, by responding to your feedback.

To find out how our services may benefit your business, here's a list of the training courses we offer. These are hyperlinked, so that if you'd like to find out more, just click on the course title.